Week 11 (November 9 and 11)

Busy busy busy with Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio and Eccentric Soul: The Nickel & Penny Labels.  We knew that we’d be getting pallets of CDs and LPs of both releases, so to prepare I tightened up whatever pallets we did have, shuffled them around, and made space for deliveries.  A pretty easy wednesday morning.  I spent the rest of the day starting an ongoing project researching rare funk and soul tracks for a future compilation.  Before starting this project, I received some serious schooling from the Numero staff about finding and sourcing rare records.

Fresh Boddie CDs in need of some stickering.

As soon as the Boddie CDs were delivered, I set off on stickering as many as possible to immediately send them off to the distributors.  Also, check out the review of the box set featured in an issue of the Chicago Reader.

Friday morning resembled my preparations for WFMU record fair, pulling stock–LPs, CDs, tapes, shirts, card sets, posters, etc–for the March to North Carolina.  This time, I compiled a stock list for the staff to take with them, as they intended to distribute merch at various stores across the region.  So, they also had me update Numero’s master stock list to reflect the addition of new releases.

We also received two separate deliveries of Nickel and Penny LPs, Boddie acetates (bonus for subscribers), and Boddie Recording Company vinyl box sets.  Receiving is pretty basic.  We go out in the alley and help direct truck drivers driving backwards, quickly make room in the back, and help push these massive pallets into place.

Other than what I’ve mentioned, I just did various odds and ends like scanning certain trading cards for preservation.  Speaking of cards, I forgot that I have a digital proof sheet of all the trading cards.

"No Hitters" proof sheet.

Pretty rad.  Seems like my first days at Numero working on these cards were years ago.

From Boddie Recording Company

Creations Unlimited “Chrystal Illusion”


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